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Take your Amazon listing to the next level by utilizing LaunchZon's Full Copywriting service. Our team of experienced specialists with get you miles closer to success by producing compelling and conversion focused Copy.

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Your Amazon Listing title is the most important focus point for your product. Here is where our LaunchZon copywriting specialists race in to save the day. With our state of the art keyword research techniques to hand over a title that creates a captivating and compelling offer, this is your first opportunity to convert potential buyers into new customers.  We will bring the best performing keywords to the table to attract your target audience to make sure that happens.

Bullet Points:

Bullet points on Amazon product listings are looked at more often than the description, so make ’em count! Amazon allows only 100 characters (about 15 words) in product feature lists (bullet points) making word choice crucial. There are only 5 bullets you can use, so choose wisely what you highlight. Make sure your bullet points count by sharing the most important benefits and distinguishing factors of your products. This area is the second most important part of the Listing, so our Professional Amazon Copywriters will pair our SEO keywords along with the information you provide to us, together with to produce short, powerful bullets which will make Buyers crave your product and want to click the “Add to Cart” button.

Product Description

A lot of Sellers neglect their product descriptions, feeling they’re rarely read, which although often the case, we wish to maximize every single sales opportunity for our Listings and therefore we’ll write an accurate and detail rich description which gives your soon-to-be customers a more of an opportunity for interest and to understand your product and why they should buy it.

Product descriptions, and bullets must be clearly written and should assist the customer in understanding the product and also comply with the style guide that applies to the product you’re listing.

LaunchZon strives to save our sellers time and frustration in all of our processes. On that note, we’ll write this description up in full HTML tags so it’s ready to be pasted directly into your Seller Central. This will enable paragraph breaks, certain details to be bolded, making important features / benefits standout.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s Included with the Copywriting Service?

  • 2 unique product titles. You can use either one you choose or test both.
  • Up to 5 bullet points to highlight the most important benefits of your product (of 200 characters or less each)
  • Engaging product description (approx. 350 words)
  • Copywriting that is search engine engine optimized that is delivered in a document that you can copy and paste directly to Seller Central

What does this service cost? What payment methods do you accept?

A standard FBA, private-label product listing is $399 US each. (We do not write book descriptions.) We strive to provide a fair rate to our sellers regardless of the quantity a seller purchases than to require multiple purchases.

We accept Paypal as well as Visa, MasterCard, AmEx and Discover through the trusted secure Stripe payment gateway.

Why is this worth doing?

These days, the competition on Amazon is brutal. Why spend all that time & money creating a product and a brand but not actually follow through on having the best listing for your niche. Worry about driving sales a little less with a self propelling product listing.

What is your refund policy?

100% money back guaranteed full refund of the purchase price. Please see our terms and conditions for additional information.

How long does it take for my order to be received and processed.

Once you decide to work with LaunchZon, use the Add To Cart button to process your payment online. Your Specialist will reach out to you within one business day via email to introduce themselves and provide you with a questionnaire.  It will ask for information about your target customers and LOTS of details about the products you want us to write copy for.

REQUIREMENT: You must have either photos (professional or taken by you) or a sample of the exact product you want us to create copy for. Other products that are not yours, and merely a likeness will not be accepted.

What information are the sellers required to give?

LaunchZon copywriting specialists are top notch professions but we have to have details from you about what the primary features/benefits of your product are, who the product appeals to, how your product is different than other options Amazon visitors might have and more as a starting point. After you order your dedicated specialist will reach out for these details.