Frequently Asked Questions

What do we do?

LaunchZon is a fully featured service provider for Amazon Product Sellers, both FBA and MF) The process is simple. You can use our promotion services simply by signing up and providing discount codes for the product you are selling. We require a minimum 85% discount from your current sale price but the buyers are obviously more happy the higher the discount they receive. We share these codes with our network of 10,000+ buyers and thought leaders. We do not ask or require buyers to leave a review however if these buyers enjoy your product then they might leave one. While we do not guarantee reviews we have proven to have a strong impact on product performance.

LaunchZon also offers two other services.

A full on product analysis that has an up-to-date expert looking for ways your product can improve in boxing, branding, packaging, pairing, and manufacturing. We also offer tried and true listing optimization by our SEO copywriting experts. You can find more information about both of these services on  our home page.

What kind of products can I promote?

Any product that is being sold on We can provide services to non-amazon sellers as well however your discount code structure would have to allow for the single use discount codes our system runs on.

What file types do you accept?

We accept all major file types .pdf, .xls, .csv, .docx. Our preferred method is .csv.

How do I check on my order?

On checkout you will be prompted to create an account on LaunchZon. This backend account will provide you order information and notes on it’s position in the process timeline. At the end of your campaign notes will be placed in your backend account on

What feedback do I get?

Due to the recent update to Amazon TOS on Oct, 3rd 2016 we no longer require or request reviews from our buyer network. We have found that a significant number of them do still review on amazon though. In addition to reviews on Amazon our Prime users are excited to leave positive feedback on their social media, blogs, and youtube review channels to help get your brand name known.

In your seller dashboard on Launchzon you will see the rate of codes being released to our users. You can cross reference this with your own sales orders in Seller Central to verify the purchases.

Where do I get support?

You can leave a contact email with us on our contact page here or submitting the form below.

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How do I cancel my current running promotions?

Contact our support department here or submit the form below.

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