Launching Amazon products successfully

Increase your sales from day one using Amazon Promotions Claim Codes. Get the most out of your codes. Increase Sales velocity, Optimize Amazon SEO, and boost organic sales.

Drive high-quality Tracffic

Send High-Quality traffic to your listing page, Micro influencers and they crowd

Increase Brand's Positions

Boost your Brand's awareness on Amazon by promotions Keyword & Brand name

Boost Sales

Get a great amount of sales within a few days, together with right price and PPC - Get more sales

Micro influencers targeted

50,000 from 7 Marketplaces will share your products on blogs and social media

Start Selling today

Get new sales and start growing your business on Amazon. 

No review requires, 100% Amazon Compliant!

Coupons Sent
Blog Posts written

Increase Sales

New products and especially new sellers don’t get sales from day one. it might take weeks until they get their first sales. Using Launchzon you can get sales immateriality and focus on other important things as PPC and Listing optimizations

Blog posts Reviews

Our community is  built from content writers and ready-to-purchase buyers. The coupons will be sent to content writers first for maximum effect.

Brand Exposure

The shoppers will be exposed to your brand name and they require to add your brand’s name hashtag to their blogs and social media shares.

Targeted Keywords

Let shoppers search your products with your brand names – increase your keywords positions and get your brand stronger on Amazon.

7 Marketplaces

Promote your products on, Canada, UK, Germany, Spain, Italy and France


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