How To Create Bullet Points For Your Amazon Product Listing

If your title and picture are alluring enough, interested customers will open the full details of your listing. Congratulations! You’re halfway there. Your job is not over yet, though. From here, you’ll need to convince your audience that your product is worth their hard earned money.

Amazon Basics Listing Bullets

An example of well written bullet points by Amazon.

The first place clients look after opening an Amazon listing is the bullet points. This is your chance to really sell your product, so make it count! If you don’t get your bullets right, your customers will quickly turn around and look elsewhere. You want to make sure that your bullet points catch the reader’s eye and make them want to continue reading about your product. All of this activity will help to catch the Amazon algorithms and show them that your listing is important.

Focus on building your bullet points so they’re the only thing a potential customer needs to read to be convinced that your product is the right one.

Guidelines for creating your bullets:

  • Start with the best! Put your most attention grabbing bullets first.
  • You get 5 bullets, use them wisely. Pick your 5 most important features.
  • Use all 5 bullets! This should be a one stop shop for what your customers need to know about your product. Expect that your audience may not read anything else.
  • Short and sweet. You have 500 characters per bullet, but that doesn’t mean you should always use them all. Try to fit in some important keywords, but don’t overwhelm your customers. Keep it readable.
  • Each bullet point should begin with a capital letter.
  • No ending punctuation required and fragmented sentences are ok.
  • If possible, include specific details such as color, size, material, country of manufacture, or anything else relevant. Give reasons why these features will benefit the client.
  • Do NOT include price or advertise promotions in your bullets. There’s plenty of space for this later.
  • BE SURE TO INCLUDE the most common keywords that customers will use to search your product. This will help to ensure that you appear in search results. If you repeat a few words from your title, that’s ok, but be sure to do so in a natural way.
  • Make your most important details STAND OUT by using all caps, but be careful to use this sparingly.
  • KEYWORDS – work them into the beginning of each bullet where possible.
  • Study your top competitors. Don’t copy them exactly, but note what they do and what works for them; it’s obviously a successful strategy.