How To Increase Sales & Reviews For Amazon Products

The success of your Amazon listing is dependent on many factors. Throughout this series, we will provide detailed information on how to optimize the most important elements. This installment will focus on visibility through sales rankings, search performance, and reviews. With the help of LaunchZon’s coordinated sales spikes, keyword focus, and quality reviews, you will perform much better in these three categories, providing for a significant increase in your organic sales.

The Importance of Keyword Search Ranking

The first step of a successful sale is getting your product in front of potential customers. If they don’t see your product when they search, then they won’t be able to buy it. Most purchase-ready Amazon users search for what they need, so having your product near the top of these searches means more eyes on your content and more potential customers.

Your placement in these lists is determined by Amazon’s algorithms which, in part, gauge your sales volume and the percentage of people who purchased your item after searching your keywords. For this reason, it is vital to start strong with a high number of keyword searches that result in a purchase of your product. That is the first step of what we do at LaunchZon.

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How LaunchZon Can Help

Once you have started your promotion at, we get your product in front of thousands of purchase-ready reviewers with knowledge about how Amazon’s algorithms work as well as Amazon Terms of Service. The influx of sales from your promotion “wakes up” the algorithms to show Amazon that you’re there and active. This will help you to become visible in keyword searches.

Next, LaunchZon reviewers organically keyword search your item using the most relevant search terms. They then open your product link and make a purchase. This shows Amazon’s algorithms that your product is popular among customers who search those keywords, moving you further up the list.
Finally, our reviewers provide quality picture reviews for your product. These tell Amazon’s algorithms that your product is not only worth buying, but also worth talking about. Over time, these reviews will also be marked as “helpful” by other Amazon users, creating a lasting impact.


Amazon reviews are a key element of the Amazon algorithm, so getting positive feedback on your product can help improve rankings and sales. Leverage our experience and pre-qualified audience to propel your company to the first page of Amazon product search results. Products of all shapes, sizes and types are capable of benefiting from our services.

Our Blast Strategy

One of the most effective ways we’ve found to launch new products, or revive old ones, is to start with an ASAP Blast using a fairly significant amount of units. After a few days, this will give you a clear idea of what it will take to push your product further in rankings, and also provides the initial foundation upon which other promotional strategies can be built. We assign a promotion manager to your account who will be with you every step of the way and who you have open email communication with. If your promotion manager is not online when you need them you will also have access to our live chat support system.

Amazon Compliance is Our Top Priority

All of this hard work means nothing if the results don’t last. Many sellers have come to us after using other services and expressed concern that the results they experienced from their promotions were very short lived or that many of their reviews had been removed. This is often the result of working with people who try to cheat the system. At LaunchZon, we have built our entire business model around compliance with Amazon’s Terms of Service. This allows us to provide lasting results and protects you from penalties imposed by Amazon.

LaunchZon has helped hundreds of businesses launch their products on Amazon by increasing sales and rankings for targeted keywords and providing quality product reviews, which encourages users to buy.

LaunchZon is a fully featured middleman between Product Sellers and online thought leaders who review your products. The process is simple and invaluable. You sign up in just a few minutes and provide discount codes for the product you are boosting. We then share these codes with our huge list of thought leaders and well vetted reviewers. Our reviewers will review your product and give valuable first person insight into the features and quality of what you sell.

While we cannot guarantee a certain number of reviews, we are proven to have a very high success rate. You will be provided with a list of the users who received your product and the code they used at checkout. You can cross reference this with your own sales orders to verify the purchases. Your seller dashboard will also provide the review links after they have been completed, so you have real time insight into the return on your investment with LaunchZon.