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LaunchZon's free product promotion allows you to create the perfect campaign your product deserves. Use our form to fine tune the exact amount of codes you want to use, the exact way you want to distribute them, and all the required information for sharing your product with our network. All we need is the product url, the discount price, some codes Amazon provides and any keyword focus you would like to suggest people receiving your products and increasing your Amazon metrics. Never before has launching an Amazon product been so easy and free.

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All campaign data is automatically displayed in your personalized LaunchZon dashboard. Each campaign you run gets a dashboard and shows important data to about the progress of your campaign. The graph tracks all codes as they are distributed to our promotions network. Never before has it been so easy to launch your Amazon product.


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All of the product campaigns on Launchzon are posted to our promotions network. Here the products are listed for the community of active buyers to checkout and manage appropriately. Take a look at all of the products and offerings already running in our community at

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