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What People Are Saying

Joshua Treman

We were just about to give up on our Private Label Brand when we stumbled across LauchZon, recommended by our Mastermind leader. We had our listing optimized by their team, and ran a product promotion through their launch service when the new listing went live. IT WAS A COMPLETE GAME CHANGER. Our sales have skyrocketed, and our review conversion is more impressive than imaginable. Thank you to everyone on the LaunchZon team who helped us!! Our second brand will be ready to launch next week, we will see you then!

Happy User

I've used Launchzon for two campaigns and highly recommend this group. The administrators are very professional, they keep this group running smoothly, and they provide all the tracking information at the end of each campaign.

Happy User

We used LaunchZon to take 8 SKUs to market and it's been a great service. The review are honest and of quality, the reports are detailed and Kim has been really helpful. We definitely recommend this service.

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All campaign data is automatically displayed in your personalized LaunchZon dashboard. Each campaign you run gets a dashboard and shows important data to about the progress of your campaign. The graph tracks all codes as they are distributed to our promotions network. Never before has it been so easy to launch your Amazon product.


Promotions Network of 10k Users

All of the product campaigns on Launchzon are posted to our promotions network. Here the products are listed for the community of active buyers to checkout and manage appropriately. Take a look at all of the products and offerings already running in our community at

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How it all works

We have a list of over 10 thousand intelligent and active users eager to receive great new products at huge discounts. Our users will reliably purchase your product on Amazon at your discounted price. If the buyer enjoys your product then they will organically leave a review from their official Amazon account on your respective product on Amazon. As a result of Amazon policy we do not and cannot guarantee a 100% conversion rate of codes to reviews. We can guarantee access to over 10,000 interested Amazon shoppers ready to try out your product.

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Increase Sales

Your product will be promoted to our audience in a few simple steps powered by our proprietary automated system.

Boost Rankings

Our users will find your products organically and complete purchases from their accounts to increase sales rank.

Enhance Amazon Reviews

Our users are well educated and leave high quality reviews at their own will which is compliant with Amazon's TOS.

Receive Feedback

Collect valuable feedback from our users to improve your products and user experience to improve your business.

Better Conversion Rates

Our Promotions Network will reliably increase sales and community engagement.

Drive Huge Sales

We can help drive massive traffic to your listing which will result in sales growth that is only limited by your inventory.


Products on Amazon that rank highly and have consistently positive sales metrics are almost guaranteed to sell more at an affordable cost. Sales history is the single most important factor for increasing traffic and sales on your product. Thousands of users are on Amazon looking to buy your product, LaunchZon will help to make sure that you are on top!