What no one has told you since Amazon’s TOS update:

Finally! Three weeks later and Amazon’s graces us with the clear confirmation we have all been waiting for. Listen to the quick one minute video above for TODAY’S update on Amazon!

What Amazon just clarified in a very clear post:

“Although products may be provided to customers for free or at a discount, and those customers may write reviews….” Find all of the details here About Promotional Content. By clicking that link you will also see that Amazon also states that, “A customer (who) writes a review of a product received for free …. where the provider does not monitor whether the customer writes a review or condition any benefits on writing a review or the content of the review…” also complies within the new guidelines
As we all well know, on October 3rd Amazon pulled a fast one and left us trying to sort out the details on their latest change to Community Guidelines.

What everyone was thinking before the research:

The community was circulating with whispers of all reviews on discounted products being prohibited, and that all seller and buyer accounts would be suspended. Sellers were in fear of repercussions from amazon and previous dedicated reviewers were terrified to lose the hundreds of reviews they’d spend so long writing.

What LaunchZon identified during the research:

amazon tos complianceAfter Jonathan Norberg, Amazon’s Executive Customer Relations, sent out this email to our community stating that as long as there was no attempt to tie a review to the discounted product, it is perfectly safe for the buyer to not only leave the review. He also says that no disclaimer is required. LaunchZon’s partnerships with sellers and buyers alike reflect that no one is attempting to manipulate reviews by correlating them with discounted products.


After the research and NOW the confirmation we continue to stress the facts that leaving reviews for free or discounted products is STILL in compliance with Amazon terms of service when using LaunchZon or is still a FREE product promotion tool for Amazon Sellers and is only $2.99/month to get access to deals that are 85% or MORE discounted from retail!!

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  • Tabatha

    Great Video! Perfect explanation of the newest updates! Thank you!